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IV Therapy

  • All IV's are customizable.

  • Available for mobile appointments by request.

  • Travel fee not included in pricing.

The Hangover Cure                                           $175

Cure your hangover with a hydrating IV loaded with B vitamins to restore your energy, antioxidants to flush out toxins, and our mineral blend + electrolytes to retore wellness.


Anti-nausea and injectable pain medication available for an additional cost.


Athletic Recovery and Performance                $200

Maximize athletic performance and reduce recovery time. Our Athletic Recovery and Performance IV is formulated with extra fluid and electrolytes, amino acids, antioxidants, and magnesium all to help aid with muscle recovery,  blood flow, and removal of lactic acid build up and other toxins produced during strenuous excersize.


Immunity                                                           $250

Strengthen your immunity and support wellness. Our Immune Boosting IV contains a blend of B vitamins, high dose antioxidants, electrolytes, zinc, and magnesium. Carefully formulated to get you back on your feet or prevent illness.

Our "Super Immune Blend" available for an additional cost.


Beautify                                                              $200

Formulated with vitamin C, glutathione, biotin, and B5 for radiant skin, healthy hair, and support with collagen production.


Detoxify                                                             $200

Support liver detoxification and toxin removal with high dose glutathione, AKA "The Master Antioxidant", along with magnesium and B-complex.


Energy and Focus                                              $175

Give yourself and energy boost and support your productivity with our blend of B vitamins, vitamin C, fluids, and electrolytes.


Weight Loss                                                       $200

Improve your metabolism and support liver health with electrolytes, B vitamins, glutathione, carnitine, and our lipotropic blend.


Total Wellness                                                   $275

Our most potent blend of B vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals.


NAD+                                                     prices vary

Reverses and Slows Down the Aging Process, Boosts Metabolism and Energy, Repairs DNA, Cell Protector, Improves Brain Health, Improves Brain Health


Glutathione IV Push                                           $65

Master Antioxidant, Supports Detoxification and Liver Health, Boosts Athletic Ability, Improves Immune System, Helps with Sore Muscles


Pure Hydration                                        $65 - $100

250ml - 500ml

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